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Some might find it strange that the greatest assassin in the history of the Antivan Crows was both a woman and a commoner—a whore, if the legend is to be believed. I conferred with several Crows myself (all of whom spoke only with monetary incentive as well as assurances of anonymity) and they say it is true.

The assassin known to legend as "Finesse" was Callisto di Bastion, a wealthy courtesan who was welcome in many noble homes as well as their bedrooms. She was gifted with a silver tongue, and according to my contacts, may have received training among the Orlesian bards in addition to her time with the Crows. Perhaps this is where her success can be credited? Finesse achieved fame and adoration among the common folk with the fatal stabbing of King Guiomar the Younger in 4:22 Black.

This adoration is not necessarily shared by the Crows, however. That she was captured, hanged and had her fabled dagger auctioned off to the highest bidder speaks poorly of her skills. Still, in centuries since, the Crows have embraced her legend as their own. Convenient, as it only adds to their dangerous reputation.

—From A Shadow Unfolds, by Brother Ansel of Hossberg, 7:10 Storm

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