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Dragon Age II.

Hawke's Relationship status...

If Hawke is in friendship with Fenris:

Fenris has remained in his Hightown mansion for the past three years. However, he's become increasingly restless and occasionally notes that it may almost be time for him to move on. Danarius has never reappeared, and Fenris assumes that he is now free to do as he wishes... but what will that be? For now, he seems content to stay at Hawke's side for the sake of his old debt, although things are bound to change at some point.

If Hawke is in rivalry with Fenris:

Three years ago, after confronting Hadriana, Fenris learned of his long-lost sister. He has spoken little of it, though it clearly still preys on his mind. He has not left Kirkwall to pursue the matter, remaining in Danarius's mansion even though it is common knowledge in Hightown that "a friend of the Champion" lives within. Fenris finds his high profile in the city both intriguing and alarming. Over the last year, he has spoken more than once of leaving Kirkwall for good; if not for the debt he owes to Hawke, he would likely already have moved on.

If Hawke is in a romance with Fenris...
As for the night Fenris and Hawke shared three years ago, he refuses to speak more of it. However, it's clear he has not forgotten, although any lingering feelings remain unresolved. Whether that will change remains to be seen.

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