Codex text

Neat, tight script preserves a final epitaph for the fallen:

Frail, faltering in the darkness,
Though imperfect, her voice a balm.
Andrale, Falon'Din enasal enaste.

Naught but blood and torn flesh,
But a mother knows her child.
Soran, Falon'Din enasal enaste.

Fire stirred, ever an impatient heart,
But she would not be moved.
Siona, Falon'Din enasal enaste.

Arrows along the spine. The child cried,
Sheltered by his form.
Talim, Falon'Din enasal enaste.

Two emerged within an eve.
As one they fought, as one fell.
Rin, Ilan, Falon'Din enasal enaste.

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