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Codex entry: Empress Celene I of Orlais

Codex text

My dear Viscount,

I congratulate you on securing an invitation to appear at court. Allow me to present you with these three words of advice as a gift: don't underestimate Celene.

You must not mistake her reputation as a diplomat and peacemaker to mean she avoids conflict. Dozens of her enemies litter the bottom of the harbor in Val Royeaux. Negotiation did not send them there. She is as shrewd and ambitious as her grandfather Judicael I, but unlike him, she knows how to handle the nobility. She built the University of Orlais—the most vehemently opposed project in Orlesian history—because she knew how to win the support she needed to overcome even her bitterest rivals. She can keep a pet apostate in front of the Chantry because even the Divine fears her influence.

Do enjoy your visit to the palace.

Duke Germain

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