Codex text

The order has been given: all known double agents within the Inquisition are being neutralized, and all suspect agents are being isolated from any information coming in or out of the Winter Palace.

We've received messenger birds back from multiple cities. The Inquisition is not the only organization compromised by Qunari spies. In Val Royeaux, gaatlok barrels were being put into position by low-placed servants in the Grand Cathedral and Council of Heralds. In Denerim, Qunari spies were revealed among low-ranking members of the City Watch. Starkhaven was seeded with spies among its own palace servants.

In light of our lack of oversight on this matter, I will understand if an agent better suited to the task is promoted in my place.

A reply below, in Leliana's hand:

The blame falls on me. I will not let anyone else appropriate it, no matter how well intended. Do not forget the lives we've saved by warning other cities about the gaatlok barrels.

Besides, my friend, I have enough scandalous gossip on you that I know I can trust you. Of how many other agents is this true?

The following line is in the original handwriting:

At least twenty-three, my lady, but your point is taken.

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