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Let me tell you something: there are mirrors. Old mirrors, from the ancient times when our people ruled every part of this land. Only they're not really mirrors—they're eluvians. You find some dusty old scholar, he's going to tell you our people used eluvians to talk to each other. Don't believe it. They're portals. You walk into one, and eventually you come out the other side... or, at least, this is what I'm told.

You ever wonder why they've never found any elven roads, like our ancestors never walked anywhere? That's why! They used eluvians, and there are still eluvians in the old places today. Some of them even work, and Briala knows where they are. If we can get our hands on them, we'll have an advantage that no human could ever hope to counter: the ability to move across half of Thedas in a heartbeat.

—From a letter discovered in the ashes of a building in the Verchiel alienage, 9:40 Dragon

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