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Codex text

Pride of Nalthur: The words "let them eat steak" are etched into the side of this well-worn tankard.

Wraith Blood: Apparently this mug once belonged to someone named Amrun.

Branon's Custom Mix: The mug bears the inscription: "Five minutes here is fifteen minutes there."

Everd's Experience: This cup is cracked. It has clearly seen action and no longer holds ale without leaking.

Lost Memory: "World's Best Shaper" is stamped into the side of this mug in an obnoxious script.

Enchanted Stein: A rune is attached. On the side opposite, it reads "Bodahn & Sons Quality Wares and Enchantments."

Sacrificial Cup: Those stains don't look like moss-wine.

Cup of Cobalt: A blue substance is caked on the bottom. Cullen might know what it is.

Vessel of the Ancients: A forest of mold and rot is growing inside this cup. It clearly has never been washed.

Titan's Nail: There's an oddly organic quality to this stone cup, as if it were grown and shed rather than carved.

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