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They said the mages were coming to Redcliffe. We had to leave or be caught in the middle of their war. Guy said that it would be safe in Denerim. We left as soon as we could, but the little ones could barely walk a mile. I was about to turn back when Guy saw a herd of wild druffalo passing through the hills. He said, "How different can they be from horses? Or brontos?" Oh, but those horns. I was afraid and told Guy not to go, but he said we had no choice.

Guy said he would catch up to us, that we should continue on. We kissed goodbye, and he left. The children and I kept walking. One day passed. Two. Then three. And I knew in my heart he was dead.

I almost gave up. One morning, I was fetching water from the river when I thought, How easy it would be. They would just slip away. And I would just follow them. No more pain, no more fear. As I searched for my courage, I heard a crashing through the undergrowth. Bandits, I thought. Or a bear. But instead it was a giant beast, with pelt of blue-grey and gleaming black horns. And riding its muscled back was my Guy.

The druffalo was enormous but gentle as a doe. The children called her Bluebell.

I never told him what I almost came to that day.

—A diary found in a refugee tent in the Hinterlands

Research benefits

Damage against beasts increased.

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