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Dorian Pavus

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It was good to hear from you, my friend. For months I've had only the Society of Maevaris's fledgling Lucerni party: Junior members of the Magisterium so filled with fire and zeal, and so wildly inept at politics, Mae keeps a bucket of ice water on hand in case one accidentally immolates himself. Lest I give you the wrong impression, we are making progress. But it will take a great deal of skill to keep the Lucerni alive through the usual schedule of Minrathous scheming long enough to become a real political faction. Fortunately, they do have me.

I'm sorry to hear that politics are plaguing you as well. Must be something going around, like a pestilence or an Orlesian fashioned trend. Hopefully Josephine can defuse the Fereldan outcry and persuade the Orlesians to stop circling you with a collar and leash. You know she did always love a challenge.

I'll find an excuse to make a trip south soon. We should really catch up in person, don't you agree?


If Dorian is romanced...


I greatly enjoyed your last letter, as did the servants who stole it from my room and read it aloud to the kitchen staff. That small scandal was the only bright spot in the whole month; Minrathous is utterly and completely dull without you.

Maevaris and I have been meeting with our fledgling Lucerni party: A dozen junior magisters with a burning hatred for the corruption of the Imperium, and little idea how to change it beyond shouting incoherently. It's going to require a lot of work from Mae and me to turn them into shrewd Magisterium politicians. Don't laugh.

I know you're too tangled up in Inquisition business to get away, but we must find a chance to meet. Letters are a poor substitute for your company.


If Dorian left the Inquisition...


Despite all my efforts to the contrary, we will be meeting again in the not-so-distant future. My political agitating has persuaded someone in government to send me out of the country. I shall be joining you at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral for some dreadful international council. I'm sure you'll count the days.

Dorian Pavus

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