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Formerly the Revered Mother Dorothea of Orlais, Divine Justinia V rose to power after the death of Divine Beatrix III in the year 9:34 of the Dragon Age. Little is known of Dorothea's background before she joined the Chantry as an initiate, but she proved to be a liberal and daring thinker, willing to take a former bard and lay-sister, Leliana, as a close advisor. A headstrong devotion to her own agenda and rumored support of the mage rebellion earned her no small dislike from the powerful priests long used to controlling access to the Divine.

In the year 9:40 [Bugs 1] of the Dragon Age, Divine Justinia called a summit, intending to negotiate a truce between the mage rebellion and the templars splintered from the Chantry. The Divine Conclave was held at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the most holy place in Thedas. Before a resolution could be reached, a cataclysmic explosion destroyed the Conclave, consumed the temple, rent the sky, and shattered the world's hopes for peace.

Divine Justinia V perished in the Temple of Sacred Ashes. The Chantry flounders, leaderless, in the wake of her death, and its fate grows increasingly uncertain. If order is not restored to Thedas, Justinia V might be remembered as the Chantry's final Divine.



  1. The date should be labeled 9:41 Dragon Age; see Notes for details
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