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Codex text

Until further notice: Do not tamper with the torches! Lighting them in wrong order summons demons. The inscriptions on the pillars indicate the correct order, but wait until we have confirmed the accuracy of our translations before proceeding.

I have made maps to the other tombs where there are similar structures. Let the same warning stay your hand there.

Magister Gallus

Below this, someone else has written complicated formulas and scribbled many notes:

- Demons bound into the rock! How did the ancient dwarves manage it without mages? (Binding runes? Subtle properties of stonework? Investigate!)

- "Gangue" carved into walls. Could be translated from Old Dwarven as "Stone waste" or "Impure spirit-of-the-stone." Dwarven superstition, saw demons as "impure" spirits of rock?

- Study impossible with dormant demons. Ask Sephus and Urathus for help with binding.

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