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Whatever you have heard of Kirkwall's rebellion, the truth is far worse; I would spare you that. What remains of Kirkwall's templars have been under my command for the past few years. We have done what we could to assist with the city's recovery—to restore some semblance of order—but my time here is done.

Seeker Pentaghast has approached me. She wishes to stop the war between mages and templars. She has been recruiting men and women to the cause and wishes me to oversee the group's military concerns. If the Conclave goes well, then we will not be needed. If not, we stand ready.

I have decided to take Seeker Pentaghast's offer. The Circles have fallen. I can give no more to the Templar Order, nor it to me. The Maker has shown me a new path; I must take it.

—Excerpt from a letter sent to South Reach by Commander Cullen

After the chess game at Skyhold...
"Dear Mia, I'm still alive. Your loving brother, Cullen"

Honestly, is it so difficult? We thought you were dead. Again. If the Inquisition was not on everyone's lips, we would never have heard that their fine commander survived Haven.

We've been hearing strange things about the templars lately. I am not sorry you left them. I thought your resignation was implied when you joined the Inquisition, but you meant something more, didn't you?

It's a fool's errand asking you to stay safe, but please try.

Your loving sister, (see how easy this is?)


If the Inquisitor starts a romance with Cullen...

I was glad to receive your last letter. You sound happy. It's been--never mind. I just hope you are well. Which reminds me...

[Inquisitor's first name]? Not Inquisitor? Not Her Worship, the Herald of Andraste? Your last letter was far too short.




I will write you a longer letter when there's time. Stop prying.


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