The following is based on Dragon Age II cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

See also: Cuirass of the Winds

Codex text

This piece of armor is something of a legend for the sea-faring folk of the East.

According to the tales, it was created by a Rivaini seer who lived high on the cliffs overlooking the Amaranthine Ocean. The woman took inspiration from the harsh winds and stinging rain that buffeted the coastline, and fashioned a cuirass that was as beautiful and cruel as the storm. As a finishing touch, the seer plucked the howling wind right out of the sky, and bound it within the armor. It is said that the winds of the Amaranthine Ocean will always favor any who possesses the cuirass.

This story may be true, or it may be a complete fabrication. However, one thing is certain—plenty of superstitious sailors have fought and died over this legendary object, risking everything to be able to bend the wind and the sea to their will.

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