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Let me tell you what I know about "the Seven," those Tevinter magisters said to have entered the Golden City long ago.

Each was a high priest to one of the Old Gods. Each came to the ritual shrouded in secrecy, hiding their true name even from each other. They were competitors, you see. The Old Gods told them they would break into the Golden City and usurp the Maker's throne... but only one of them could sit on that throne. Each assumed a title related to their role in casting the ritual. Some texts claim they had a leader: the High Priest of Dumat, called "Corypheus." He did not rule this group, but instead conducted it, coordinating their efforts to achieve a magical feat never since replicated. They breached the Fade, walked physically in dreams, and changed our world forever.

Perhaps these Seven were the first darkspawn, cursed by the Maker as the Chant of Light tells us. Perhaps not. One would think these magisters long dead... but there are whispers this is not so. Think, if you will, what might become of the minds of such beings: corrupted by the Blight, cast down from prideful folly, simmering in resentment and darkness for over a thousand years. Where would such men live? Who knows of them? For someone must, if whispers persist. What secrets do they yet hold, and what would we do, should any one of them return to the light? With luck, these are questions we will never have to answer.

—From Questioning the Chant by Magister Vibius Agorian



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