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"I feel like I'm sleeping, but I guess I'm not."

While most of the banns and arls of Ferelden cart their children with them to the Landsmeet in the interest of eventually marrying them off, Connor has spent his entire life at Redcliffe.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

And it's hardly surprising: the child possessed the gift of magic. By law, he should have been taken to the Circle of Magi at the first sign, abdicating his claim to Redcliffe. Instead, the boy was kept out of public view and his magic hushed up... with disastrous results.

All mages are beacons that attract the attention of Fade spirits. Because of this, they are trained and tested by the Circle to ensure that they can withstand attacks from malevolent Fade creatures that seek entry into the waking world. Untrained Connor drew the attention of a powerful demon that tore the Veil asunder.

If Connor is killed...

To stop the demon's rampage, Connor was slain.

If Isolde sacrifices herself to Jowan's ritual...

He was freed from the demon's power at a terrible price: the cost of his mother's life. Connor himself will be sent to the Circle where he will no longer endanger innocent people.[Bugs]

If both Connor and Isolde live...

With aid from the Circle, he was freed from the demon's power. Connor will be sent to the Circle Tower where he will no longer pose a danger to the innocent.


  • Should the Warden make a deal with the demon, this excerpt may still appear even if Isolde is alive.