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To all members of the Inquisition:

It has come to my attention that I must remind everyone of the type of behavior expected from us during this Exalted Council. It is natural to wish to hold our heads high, but remember that we are guests of the Imperial Court. It is upon us to behave with good grace, propriety, and restraint.

If you are unsure of how to address someone of gentle birth, "My Lord" or "My Lady" will suffice.

If you are fearful that you have overstepped an unknown protocol, speak with your commanders. If they are not available, seek me out.

Over-imbibing is strongly discouraged at all times.

If you are steered into an argument about the Inquisition's politics, politely excuse yourself as quickly as possible. Please do not engage in these debates !

If all else fails, trust sense and common courtesy to guide your actions.


Lady Montilyet

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