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If Cole is more human...


Your suggestion regarding the young man, Cole, was excellent. he displays an uncanny ability to locate missing people. When hostile forces held our agents and we feared they would be killed if we approached, Cole was able to reach them without being detected. While he has been less useful overall at extracting intelligence, I have learned to trust his instincts about whether a target is trustworthy or malicious.

Per you request, I have limited his assistance to rescue operations or attacks on clearly hostile forces. Whatever magic lives in the young man's mind, it would be poorly served by the less pleasant necessities of our work.

His remarks about my family, while not germane to the mission at hand, were also greatly appreciated.


If Cole is more spirit...


I send this to you uncertain whether this comprises a joke, a test, or some form of magic. If it is the latter, I wish to state that I am deeply uncomfortable, but based on the results, I can hardly complain. Our work has never been more successful.

I have no recollection of having written the following, but it is clearly my hand, with signifiers in the language that make it clear that I acted of my own volition when writing it. I assume that you will make more of it than I can.


Send to Inquisitor in re Cole:

Quarterly progress:

Rescues: 6 (Higher than expected)

Targets hit: 4 (One dead when wanted for interrogation--"no prisons"?)

Agent morale: Strong (Some crying? All insisted they were "good tears," strong emotions, but unrelated to mission at hand, usually tied to some past trauma.)

Oddities: Misplaced items, unexpected. Often tied to emotional revelation among group. Concern with hostile blood mage binding demons. V. Angry.

Wax on my fingers, bees drone behind me as the honeycomb crunches between my teeth. She was always proud of me.

Why did I write this?

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