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Codex entry: Cole and the Last Few Years

Codex text

His name is Cole.

He's not that old, perhaps twenty years, no more. He has blond hair that hangs in front of his eyes; he wears dirty leathers—perhaps the only clothes he owns. He was there when you found Rhys in the templar crypt, but you couldn't see him. Nobody can, and those who do forget him. Just like you are right now.

Remember the dream.

—A letter allegedly written by former Knight-Commander Evangeline de Brassard; found in the Spire in the aftermath of the mage uprising.

If Cole is recruited permanently during The Forgotten Boy...


If you believe that this "Cole" truly wishes to help the Inquisition and can be trusted to do so safely, I am willing to give him a chance to prove himself. As Solas insists that he is a spirit made manifest in the form of a young man, not a demon possessing an unwilling victim, I concede that he may not be malicious.

Nevertheless, Cole's abilities concern me. I would ask Leliana to have him watched but most of Skyhold seems unable to see this spirit, or remember him even if informed of his existence. The servants complain of odd occurrences, items mislaid or moved to strange locations, but have thus far been unable to see or remember the person responsible. Such actions appear harmless thus far, but I remain vigilant.


Cole appreciates the Inquisition helping those who are hurting and in need.

If Cole is told to leave during The Forgotten Boy, the codex will only state...

The Inquisition knows of no one by this name.

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