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Codex text

I had never heard of Calpernia before I joined the Venatori. Tevinter's Circles have no record of a mage of that name, so I thought her perhaps a magister from one of the old houses who took a false title. Calpernia appears to have no background at all, however, and offers no hints to her past. She is too shrewd to flatter, even if she did not spend half her hours training as her Master's star pupil should.

I cannot openly challenge her. The woman is a fair mistress to her followers, and her passion to restore the Imperium's glory strengthens their hearts and loyalty. Besides, her spells blister with power. Only a fool would try to undermine Calpernia by force. We will require a lighter touch.

—Note from Marconius Pellnix, Ben-Hassrath agent to the Qunari, dated several days before his mysterious death by fire

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