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Codex text

[Player name] Cadash is a surface dwarf whose family was exiled from Orzammar generations ago, for crimes known only to the record keepers in the Shaperate. Banned from their underground cities and stripped of all status in traditional society, many surface dwarves are forced to become part of the crime syndicate known as the Carta, simply to survive. [Player name] was raised as part of the Cadash family, a branch of the Carta specializing in smuggling the magical ore lyrium across Thedas. [He/She] moved from city to city in the Free Marches, working wherever the syndicate saw profit to be made.

News of the Conclave shook up the Carta's usual operations, as its success or failure would have tremendous impact on the demand for lyrium for years to come. [Player name] was one of a handful of Carta dwarves sent to spy on the proceedings at Haven. [He/She] was the only survivor of the explosion at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. Rumors that the mysterious mark on [his/her] hand is a sign of the Maker's favor were spread by those who claim they saw the divine prophet, Andraste herself, lead Cadash out of the Fade.

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