The following is based on Dragon Age II cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

See also: Blood of Val Foret

Codex text

I hope father's pleased with himself, marrying me to this bestial hognut. I don't care if the emperor holds him in esteem. I don't care if the Maker holds him in esteem. He drools on me, in his episodes! The fits! Oh, the fits. "Not frequent, and quite harmless!" said he. Such lies. The last one was a full ten minutes. If he has one in the marriage bed, I swear I shall be beaten black and blue by his flailing.

He bestowed upon me a garish gold medallion, encrusted with rubies. I swear, it is an offense to good taste; I look like I am wearing a dinner plate about my neck. He says I should never take it off. The gift is a mark of ownership; he thinks of me as a hound to be collared!

And then he revealed that the medallion was enchanted by a blood mage. It's supposed to protect me! How, when I feel unclean just wearing it? The rubies too much resemble drops of blood, those sacrificed to create this ghastly thing.

I can't believe my ill luck, forced into the bed of this grizzly and into a sinful union with blood magic! I pray that you make a better match, sister.

—A letter from a Lady Cerise, shortly after her marriage to Lord Eustace of Val Foret, Bosom Companion of Florian the Glorious and Principal Patron of Leorande the Younger

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