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If Bethany dies in Lothering:

Hawke's younger sister, Bethany, died during the family's flight from Lothering, leaving Hawke and Bethany's twin brother, Carver, as the only surviving children. Like Hawke, Bethany was an apostate mage in hiding from the Circle since childhood. Protecting Hawke and Bethany from the templars became the defining fact of the family's life, forcing them to move frequently and live well below their means in small hamlets in Lothering. Bethany was close to her eldest sibling and idolized and envied the way Hawke embraced magic, but she could never give up her resentment of being different and fear for what their future would hold.

If Bethany survives Lothering:

"I was just hoping it would be different here in Kirkwall. We're not running away. We're coming home."

Even growing up as an apostate has not dimmed Bethany's faith and sunny nature, though it has colored her view of the world. Bethany wishes above all else to be "normal." She appreciates the trouble her family took to keep her out of the Circle, but the running, hiding, and constant fear have taken their toll. Though she would never admit so to her mother--not after all she sacrificed to protect her--Bethany sometimes wonders whether she would be better off in the Circle. At least there she would be with other mages, confident she'd be serving the will of the Maker and not defying a millennium of religious teachings. Still, her first loyalty is to her family; despite her doubts, she gladly embraces her magic if it keeps them safe. She has a teasing rivalry with her twin, Carver, and greatly respects Hawke.

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