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Dragon Age II.

Outcome of Aveline's relationship with Donnic during The Long Road (Dragon Age II)...

If Aveline marries Donnic:

Thanks to the Champion's actions, Aveline and Donnic Hendyr were married a year ago in a simple ceremony on the Hawke estate. They honeymooned in Orlais, the only time that Aveline has visited the country of her namesake. The pair has since settled into a happy marriage. Although she remains his captain and he her guardsman, Aveline now strictly divides her personal and private life.

She is no less driven to keep her guardsmen safe, but Donnic provides another perspective, and she is now giving her guard the authority they need to truly serve Kirkwall. As a force for law and order, the guard has never been more respected. This brings its own challenges, however, as some among the templars would prefer that the guard be under their direct command.

If Aveline doesn't marry Donnic:

It is three years since the Qunari uprising, and Guard-Captain Aveline is as driven as ever. Her guards could give a Fereldan battalion a run for their coin, and she commands their undying respect; however, all would agree that she's the hardest captain they have ever served. Aveline takes that as a compliment, although it is not always intended as such. She knows it, but accepts it as necessary for the greater good, both theirs and that of Kirkwall.

Being captain of the guard is an all-consuming position that she wouldn't give up for the world, although some in the templars would prefer that her guard had a lesser presence in keeping order. At the least, they would prefer that Aveline be more accepting of their oversight. Her association with the Champion has helped dissuade them, but pressure is mounting.

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