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Dragon Age II.

Outcome of The Way It Should Be...

If the quest was completed:

Since the adventure in the Deep Roads, Aveline has settled into life as the captain of the guard. She has removed the stain of Captain Jeven's corruption and turned the guardsmen into effective enforcers of law and order.

If the quest was not completed :
Since the adventure in the Deep Roads, Aveline has redoubled her efforts in the city guard. The previous captain left suddenly, and while a Fereldan could not be promoted outright, Aveline's military experience made her an "adequate choice" for the captain of the guard in Seneschal Bran's estimation.

Becoming captain of the guard title should have brought Aveline stability, but she has instead found herself taxed by having so many people under her care. She is very protective of the people she commands, to the point of training each guardsman herself and personally reinforcing otherwise simple patrols. Injury rates are lower than ever before, but the guards are beginning to feel smothered.

Aveline is utterly dedicated to her job, leaving no time for anything beyond the occasional sidetrack with Hawke—even that is an excuse to watch over people she cares about. She is a guardian in every waking moment, and she doesn't seem to know how to put down the weight she carries.

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