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Codex text

"The August Ram!" Surely whoever named it "ram" had never seen its more common cousin; the slender legs and sleek hide give the animal the grace of a hart or halla. Its curved horns spiral back over delicate ears twitching at the slightest rustle of grass. When startled, speed is the August Ram's only defense against the hunter. It is difficult to sneak up on these shy and wary creatures, but I have been here so long and shown such mild behavior that I have gained their trust. The rams graze peacefully a stone's throw from my sketching easel as I write this, thinking no more of me than a rock in the field or a flower in the grass.

I just wish the rotten things would stop trying to eat my canvases whenever I leave camp.

—From The Diary of Tillendall Lemallen, noted painter of wildlife and portraits to the Orlesian court

Research Benefits

Damage against beasts increased

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