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Codex text

The ritual was very specific, as such things probably should be. Torso, head, and limbs spread amongst the Deep Roads to prevent the creature from returning. Looks like they died during the cutting, but we can fulfill the last part in their stead. I'm not familiar with elven ritual--why would I be--but it seems pretty straight forward.

--Shaper Axus

(Scribbled in the corner)
Never even saw the thing. Bet a sword would take care of it.

Sod it, and this bag of legs.


Might not be elven, maybe human. Doesn't matter, we can still follow direction. Torso, head, and limbs bagged and dispersed. Simple enough. This magic stuff doesn't seem that complicated.

--Shaper Axus

(Scribbled in the corner)
No job for a warrior! First hole gets the bag!


(A torn ritual page of indeterminate origin.)
The body rendered to its separate parts, spread wide such that no life is witnessed, no heartbeat detected. In this way, the beast can remain for an age, as knowledge passes and pursuers live out their lives.

(Scribbled in the corner)
I was wrong! Not elven! Hunters didn't kill it. It allowed this?
Keep the pieces apart, I guess. Away from the heart.


The scratchings should be unreadable, but meaning swims in your head, as though whispered:

The limbs, mere meat.
The torso, but a vessel.
The head, all but unnecessary.
The heart, separate, keeps life.
The heart, safe from the blade, can be restored.
The heart waits, in the Fade.

--Rough inscription, author unknown

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