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The Overseer was a nickname given to Magister Claudian Vyrantus, the last and perhaps most notorious of those assigned to the Maharian jetstone quarry outside of Kirkwall (now known locally as the Bone Pit).

The magister was known for his sadistic cruelty. His malevolent social experiments were designed to make examples of those who disobeyed him. Vyrantus even noted that feeding slaves to his pet dragonlings was "little more than they deserved."

The slave revolt in 25 Ancient put an end to the Overseer. He was assaulted by a mob of slaves who stripped his enchanted robes and threw Vyrantus into the Bone Pit to be feasted upon by his dragonlings. What became of his robes during all the chaos is unknown, but it is assumed they remain in Kirkwall.

— From Kirkwall: the City of Chains, by Brother Genitivi, 9:24 Dragon

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