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Codex text

"For the one who delivers the Sacred Ashes of Our Lady will have the esteem of Redcliffe, and all the riches it is in my power to grant."

The arling of Redcliffe was a source of constant trouble for Emperor Reville during the occupation; it was rumored that since each new report sent the emperor into a fit of violent rage, his court had taken to poisoning messengers before they could deliver their accounts. Isolde's family was the tenth to be given the difficult task of governing Redcliffe, and since most of the previous arls had either been murdered by their banns or beheaded by the emperor, they did not approach the job with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Isolde met Eamon, not realizing he was the rightful heir to her father's domain, and quickly became smitten with him for being part of the resistance—never mind that it was her family he was resisting. Perhaps a bit too romantic for her own good, she insisted upon staying behind with Eamon when the rest of her family was driven out.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

When Connor's problem is revealed:
When her only son began to show signs of possessing magic, Isolde tried to cover it up, knowing that he would be taken from her by the Circle if found out. She hired an apostate mage to tutor him in secret, little knowing that her tutor was being paid to poison her husband. Eamon fell ill, and Connor, desperate, tried to use magic to save his father—magic that attracted the attention of a demon.
If Isolde sacrifices herself to Jowan's ritual...

She gave her life to free Connor from demonic influence.[Bugs]

If Isolde kills Connor...

Unable to free him, Isolde took Connor's life to stop the demon.

If the Warden kills Connor...

Unable to stop the demon, Connor was slain by the Warden.

If both Isolde and Connor survive...

The Circle of Magi were finally called in, almost too late, and Connor was freed from the demon's power, though the damage to Redcliffe was severe.


  • Should the Warden make a deal with the demon, this excerpt may still appear even if Isolde is alive.