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To Bryce Cousland, if the Warden is a human noble: "It will be good to ride into battle once more, won't it, old friend?"

If the Warden is not a human noble: "It appears it will be civil war after all, despite the darkspawn. Pity."

The arling of Amaranthine winds along the sinuous northeastern coast of Ferelden. The Waking Sea is known for its temper, and the storms that sweep in from the warmer northern waters are sudden and brutal. These are the lands of Rendon Howe.

He was born during the occupation, and like many of the nobles at the time, joined Prince Maric's rebels. He fought alongside young Bryce Cousland, future teyrn of Highever, and Leonas Bryland, future arl of South Reach, at the bloody battle of White River. It was the most catastrophic defeat of the entire occupation, from which only fifty rebel soldiers escaped alive.

Although he was decorated for valor by King Maric, Howe's abrasive manners have earned him almost universal dislike among his peers.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Warden is a human noble, added at end of origin story: When Bryce sent his men to support the king at Ostagar, Howe took it as an opportunity to attack Highever, slaughtering the people there and claiming the lands and title as his own.

On Howe's death: Howe died at the hands of the Warden in Denerim.

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