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"Nobility does not exist without obligation. We owe all we have, even our lives, to our land and our people."

As the maternal uncle of King Cailan, Arl Eamon is one of the king's most trusted advisors. Redcliffe, while not a large or especially wealthy part of Ferelden, is a critical strategic location: The fortress guards the western pass that leads to Orlais, as well as the major trade route with Orzammar. A well-respected man, though not the most charismatic, King Cailan once said of him, "My Uncle Eamon is a man everyone thinks well of—when they remember to think of him at all."

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

After the Warden learns of Eamon's sickness:
He fell ill with a mysterious condition that even magic could not treat.
After Eamon is cured:
It was no common ailment. Eamon was poisoned by a blood mage, Jowan, who claimed to be working for Teyrn Loghain. The arl's life was saved only by the most extraordinary measures: finding the Urn of Sacred Ashes, the remains of Andraste herself.
After the Landsmeet is called:
His health restored, Eamon called a Landsmeet with the goal of wresting power from Loghain and placing Alistair on the throne.
After the Landsmeet concludes:
With the question of the succession settled, Eamon returned to Redcliffe to prepare the castle's defenses for the encroaching Blight.