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A report from Agent Charter, received by the Inquisition's advisors and carrying their notes to each other on the matter:

Sheer cliffs and steep drops present obstacles to speedy travel within the Basin. As a temporary measure, rope ladders are being constructed and placed at strategic points chosen by Scout Harding. Continued presence in this area will require a permanent solution. Please advise.

(Charts and topographical information provided for your perusal.)


A series of comments follow:

Flatten the area? —Cullen

Of course the commander suggests hitting the hills until they forget they're hills. —L

We could look into getting the soldiers to cut steps into the cliffs or construct structures with some form of verticality. Scaffolding, perhaps? —Josephine

I was joking. Meanwhile, have you threatened to cut out anyone's tongue today? —Cullen

Thinking about it right now. —L

The roofer, Berinole, was talking to the foreman about drawing up plans for additions to Skyhold. Covered platforms connected with spiral staircases and suspended catwalks. We could apply this idea to Frostback Basin. —Josephine

I was there. Wasn't Berinole drunk? —Cullen

He didn't draw up the plans while drunk, I'm sure. We could have an engineer or Dagna look over them, to see if they're structurally sound. —Josephine

An engineer, yes. Dagna, no. We don't need our outposts to be half-in, half-out of the Fade. Or be able to sing the Chant of Light, or whatever it is she's working on right now. —L


  • Curiously, the note references Dagna even if Acquire the Arcanist has not been completed prior to establishing the Ridgeline Camp and discovering the landmark.
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