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Dragon Age II.

Outcome of Dissent...

If Ella was killed:

The past three years has seen Anders cross the edge from moodiness into open paranoia. Increasingly, his inner struggle against the spirit Vengeance has boiled over into his dealings with the rest of the world. It's clear he is losing this fight. More determined than ever to see the mages of Thedas freed, Anders has taken to spending long hours cloistered with ancient Tevinter texts, adding more layers to his already lofty plans for overthrowing the Chantry.

If Ella lives:

After his attack on Ella, Anders lost interest in the cause of mage revolution. Convinced he was no better than an abomination, Anders was determined to gain mastery over the spirit inside him... or die trying. It is increasingly apparent that he is losing this struggle. Prone to wild mood swings between deep melancholy and manic determination, Anders has again taken up the mantle of mage freedom—though it is unclear whether this decision came from Anders or Justice.

If Hawke is in a romance with Anders...
Hawke's status as Champion has protected Anders from the attention of the templars, despite his increasing notoriety. Though they have lived openly together for some time, Anders remains uncomfortable in the spotlight Hawke's presence has cast him into. In private, though, he remains a tender and devoted lover; he has repeatedly declared that Hawke is the only reason he's retained any sanity at all.

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