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Lord Gavorn/Forender,

I shouldn't have to remind you of the Mining Caste's importance to Orzammar, but apparently not even the Ancestors can say when you last visited the Memories. The lyrium trade is the only reason our kingdom still stands. It is what keeps the king's coffers fat so that he may play a part in whatever little wars are raging on the surface. But lyrium is as dangerous as it is profitable. And when I write to you saying that earthquakes are threatening one of our most lucrative mines, I expect a faster response.

Something unnatural is afoot. The shaft-rats come out of their holes chanting nonsense. Even my own crew—men and women I've worked with since I was a child—claim to hear something in the tremors.

I don't care who or what you send to help us. Just do it quickly.

Miner Ordel

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