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"You know, one good thing about the Blight is how it brings people together."

Alistair was a novice templar when Duncan recruited him into the Grey Wardens—or rescued him, as Alistair would say.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

While heading to Lothering:
His mother was a serving girl, who died when Alistair was very young. He was raised by Eamon Guerrin, arl of Redcliffe, for a time.

After Alistair discusses his background:
The arl's wife, Isolde, suspected the reason her husband took an interest in the welfare of a servant's child was that Alistair was Eamon's son. She insisted that the boy be sent away to the Chantry.

After Alistair reveals his parentage (upon first arrival to Redcliffe if he is in the party):
Isolde's suspicions were unfounded, however. Alistair was not Eamon's son, but King Maric's. Eamon sheltered the boy to hide his existence from Queen Rowan, Eamon's sister.

If Alistair's approval reaches 25...
Alistair is fascinated by magic, even as his life is defined by fighting its darker manifestations. He has a fondness for strange runestones and figural studies of arcane creatures.

If Alistair is made King...
With a great deal of assistance, Alistair was recognized by the Landsmeet as Maric's son and granted his father's throne.

If Loghain is saved and Alistair is not made king...
Unable to accept the decision to spare Loghain's life, Alistair left—and has not been seen since.

If Anora is made queen and Alistair is executed...
To prevent further civil war, he was executed at the Landsmeet on the orders of Queen Anora, ending the Theirin line.

If Alistair kills the archdemon...
In the battle against the archdemon in Denerim, Alistair gave his life to save his friends and end the Blight.

The Darkspawn Chronicles...
Alistair was the long-secret son of the late King Maric Theirin, and the half-brother of King Cailan, who perished on the field at Ostagar. Shortly after Cailan's death, Arl Eamon Guerrin revealed Alistair's parentage at a Landsmeet. To placate the nobles and rescue Ferelden from the brink of civil war, Alistair became engaged to marry his brother's widow, Queen Anora. However, Alistair was also the last of Ferelden's Grey Wardens, and so before he could take the throne as king of Ferelden, he and his allies set out to defeat the archdemon.

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