Codex text

This book appears to be a diary, with strange charts and illustrations drawn beside thin, cramped columns of text:

At first I thought the rocks that glow fell from the sky, but the spirits whisper that these shards have been here for ages "as you reckon them." Did the tear in the Veil reveal these stones? Is that why the strangely-dressed mages want them? Yesterday they were erecting skulls, of all things, on top of pillars! The spirits warned me to hide, and it was a good thing I listened. I saw one of the mages cut a man open with a dagger, and milk the power of his blood, and I am afraid of a man who could do that to another as if it's nothing.

I thought templars were supposed to stop blood mages, but the ones that came are strange, and red, and are working with the mages. The spirits agree - it's very alarming. They've been urging me to run further into the wastes, but my supplies are low. I'll go in a few days if hunting goes well.

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