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If Hawke sided with Larius:

Yesterday, I saw a man I could swear was Larius, just walking around Lowtown. I wasn't sure at first, but that armor, that hair... he's unmistakable.

He was talking to Samson, of all people. I can't imagine what a Grey Warden commander and an ex-templar vagrant have in common, but they seemed intent in their discussion. When I came closer, Larius pulled Samson into a doorway---I don't know if he saw me or not, but it seemed almost like they were avoiding me.

Anders says that no one as far gone to the taint as Larius would ever have been reinstated by the Grey Wardens. Even without Corypheus, Larius will be plagued by the calls of the Archdemons until they drive him mad.

I tried to contact the Grey Wardens, to find out why they let him return to Kirkwall, but they weren't talking. They won't acknowledge a Warden named Janeka, a prison in the Vimmarks, a captive darkspawn magister, or ever having worked with Father.

they didn't even want to hear what Corypheus claimed to be--I'm certain they know something about what happened down there, but whatever it is, they're not sharing.

--From the diary of Garrett/Marian Hawke


  • The note is supposed to be received after finishing Legacy. However, as of patch 1.04 the note is not available.
  • There is a mod that restores numerous items that became unobtainable via normal means. The mod can be downloaded here.
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