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Excerpts from the journal of an unknown miner, dated 9:38 Dragon:

3 Drakonis

Didot wants to know what it means. Didn't we all? But he frets at it. Keep your head low, work like the rest, and shut it out. That's all he needs.

13 Drakonis

He feels it. I know he does. We all see it. Still he pushes. I do not want to talk about it; I do not want to know what it means. Some evil magic best left alone—is that not answer enough? He thinks it's more. It's in his head and he won't let it go.

Nug again for dinner. This day never ends.

4 Cloudreach

Didot was on the ledge behind the pool. What was he doing? What does he know? If he disturbs it...

Nicco won't talk to Didot at all. He trades shifts so that they will not work together. I should do the same.

24 Cloudreach

The boss says his boss in Val Firmin will be sending someone to check on operations. Suppose it's just routine. Didot speaks strangely now. Too much time at the door.

Nug again for dinner. Wonderful.

1 Bloomingtide

Maker forgive me, but Didot's absence is a weight lifted. Shame about the wife though.

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