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Magister Erimond,

I am not an untutored apprentice. The Grey Warden mages who left the Circle just after their Harrowing might take your explanations at face value, but I was an enchanter before I joined the Grey Wardens.

That the sacrifices, the death, are necessary to bind the demons, I grant you. You know more of such things than I, and I make no judgement upon it. But the manner of my mages since binding the demons is still unsettling. They answer my questions readily, but the words are spoken by rote, and several of the non-mages have complained that their comrades seem cold and unfeeling since the ritual. Some of that is natural, I grant you—one cannot kill a brother and come away unchanged—but if there is more to this, I will have it from you.

The Inquisition presses us to action. Continue the rituals. If we must destroy them before we venture into the Deep Roads, so be it. But do not lie to me, Erimond. I stand against the Blight, and no man, no Inquisitor, and no magister will get in my way.


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