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Codex text

Greetings from Antiva!

I would prefer to be where you are, my sweet. Antiva is so dull without you to brighten it. Even with the Crows trying to hunt me down, this place lacks the excitement of being at your side. Ah, well. I expect the Guildmaster will agree to meet me soon. Or maybe I should kill him. What do you think?

I hear the darkspawn have still not gone away? They are like houseguests who overstay their welcome, no? I am saddened you have to deal with such business without me. I must deal with the Crows, but when I return to you, not even sharp razors will be able to separate us!

Until then, you remain in my dreams. Especially the naughty ones.

Yours always,

Further information

  • This letter and the letter from Leliana do not appear in the initial release version of the expansion. This is an officially confirmed bug and has been fixed in patch 1.04.[1]
  • Despite failing to appear prior to patch 1.04, this letter is included in all versions of the Dragon Age: Awakening expansion in the talktable file dao_prc_ep_1_en-us.tlk. Talktable files are not plain text, but they do contain large numbers of unordered text strings which may be perused if you know what you want to find. On a PC running a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the text of this letter may be viewed by opening up the above-mentioned talk file in notepad and doing a find on "Z e v r a n". (Don't type the quotes into the find box, but make sure to include the spaces in between the letters of his name.) The first occurrence of Zevran's name in the file is the start of the letter itself.

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