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I hope you are well. Alas, I am unable to come to the keep as I promised. I am so sorry, but the Grand Cleric herself wishes to speak with me. I will tell you all about it once I have had my audience.

Is it true the darkspawn have not retreated? No matter, I'm sure you have it under control. Wish I could be there, killing darkspawn beside you. Perhaps you could save some for me?

(All right, that was a joke. Do not spare them. That would be silly.)

You are always in my thoughts.

Love, Leliana

P.S. Maybe you could consider growing some roses around your keep? That would make it so much prettier, don't you think?

Further information

  • This letter and the letter from Zevran do not appear in the initial release version of the expansion. This is an officially confirmed bug and has been fixed in the 1.04 patch.
  • Despite failing to appear prior to patch 1.04, this letter is included in all versions of the Dragon Age: Awakening expansion in the talktable file dao_prc_ep_1_en-us.tlk. Talktable files are not plain text, but they do contain large numbers of unordered text strings which may be perused if you know what you want to find. On a PC running a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the text of this letter may be viewed by opening up the above-mentioned talk file in notepad and doing a find on "L e l i a n a". (Don't type the quotes into the find box, but make sure to include the spaces in between the letters of her name.) Leliana's name is found four times within the file. The actual letter itself begins with the third of the four, while her signature on the letter is the fourth and final time you will see her name in the file. (The first two occurrences are her epilogue entry and a short reference to her love letter respectively.)

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