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If Alistair rules alone or with the Hero of Ferelden...

Uncle Teagan,

I read your first letter. Trust Orlais to put up a fight about this now. You've been there before, so I'm not telling you anything new. Send a messenger if you need anything; I'll send someone out straight away.

Regards, King Alistair of Ferelden

Someone, presumably His Majesty, has drawn a stick figure weighed down by an oversized crown at the bottom of the page.

If Alistair and Anora rule together...

To our honored friend, Arl Teagan,

Thank you for attending this Exalted Council. We trust you implicitly with Ferelden's wishes, and to fight for the security for our borders. Messengers will be dispatched daily so that you are not cut off from us as you undertake this duty.

Maker be with you,
King Alistair and Queen Anora of Ferelden

A Postscript has been scribbled faintly at the bottom of the page:

Good luck, uncle! If there's anyone i'd rather have there than me, it's you. Or anyone else, really, but thanks for braving the lion.

If Anora rules alone or with the Hero of Ferelden...

Honored Arl Teagan,

Let any who read this letter know you speak for the kingdom of Ferelden. Your words stand as my own, and your decisions are made with the support of myself and those pledged to the crown.

You have been a loyal friend, and we invest in you our trust and goodwill.

Maker be with you,
Queen Anora of Ferelden

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