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Four panels reproduced here appear to be part of a much larger mural.

The topmost panel shows a jug overflowing with water, standing on an altar. Three elves in robes are positioned around the altar, while a crowd of elves in warlike regalia stands just slightly apart from them.

Just below is a depiction of all the elves, those in robes and those in armor, prostrating themselves before the altar with worshipful expressions.

Third from the top is a carving which shows one of the three robed figures, a woman with an elaborate tattoo on her face, drinking from the jug on the altar while the other elves watch.

The bottom image shows the tattooed woman standing waist-deep in a pool of water. She holds the jug with water spilling out of its mouth. The armored elves bow before her.

—Describing a strange tablet.


  • The Warden can examine the carvings on the altar nearby and learn that:
    • Most of the carvings are faded. What little you can make out involves a scene where the honored dead is laid to rest inside a grand chamber.
    • There seems to be some kind of process involving the altar before the body can be laid to rest, but most of those runes are illegible.