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Codex: Characters Codex: Crafting Materials
Codex: Creatures Codex: Groups
Codex: History Codex: Letters & Notes
Codex: Magic Codex: Maps
Codex: Places Codex: Tales
Codex: Tutorials

Finding codex entries Edit

Codex entries are unlocked through interacting with a range of objects or engravings throughout the game world, or after defeating creatures.

Context-sensitivity and codex updates Edit

Code entries are often updated after certain quests are completed or important events occur. Many of the "History" and "Tales" codex entries are often split up in multiple locations, each entry updating as an additional part of the codex is found. Many of the companions and advisors have their codex entries update as you continue to converse with them and complete their personal quests.

Numbering Edit

The codex entries are, for the main part, numbered alphabetically within each category, including articles such as "the" and "a". With the release of the DLCs Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser, many of the codex entries have re-numbered so as to include the new entries in the alphabetical order.

Achievements Edit

Loremaster - Collect 250 codex entries in a single playthrough.

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