Codex entries that can be obtained for the Notes section of the journal. These are generally looted or found by interacting with objects in the world.

Cailan's Documents - Page 3 of 3

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(This letter appears to have been crumpled, then carefully smoothed out and folded again)


The visit to Ferelden will be postponed indefinitely, due to the darkspawn problem. You understand, of course?

The darkspawn have odd timing, don't they? Let us deal with them first. Once that is done, we can further discuss a permanent alliance between Orlais and Ferelden.

--A note, written in an uncharacteristically familiar tone, from Empress Celene to King Cailan

Berwick's Letter

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See also: Letter (Berwick)


We need your eyes and ears in Redcliffe. Stay in the village, keep your head down, and watch the castle. Report any changes, and you'll be well paid.

--A letter in Berwick's possession.

A Letter to Someone in Highever

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Dear Heather,

How are you? How are Father and Mother? I don't know why I ask this; it was made clear so many years ago that I am no child of theirs. You are my only family now and I thank the Maker that you had love and courage enough to keep calling me sister.

I am happy for you and overjoyed to hear of your upcoming nuptials. Count your blessings; I believe you have snagged yourself a fine lad. So young, and already the owner of his own freehold! Soon you will start a family of your own. Oh, Heather, I do envy you.

But perhaps I shall envy you for not much longer. We have hoped and prayed for something, anything, and now I see the prison bars begin to bend and sag. So much injustice has been done to my kind, and they cannot have dreamed that the Maker would allow it to continue. There is a change coming to the tower; I can feel it, and it both excites and terrifies me.

I don't know when I shall write again, dear sister, but do not worry. If all goes well, perhaps no letters will be necessary, and you shall find me on your very doorstep!

--With much love, Gwynlian.

A Letter from King Endrin

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If the Warden is not a noble dwarf...
My Lord Harrowmont,
My guilt weighs heavily on me, and I know now that I was a fool. Only a fool would cut out his own heart and burn it for the sake of appearances. I allowed the Assembly to send my child to exile and death because I feared an inquiry into Trian's murder would taint our house with scandal. You have been my rock and my shield these long months and for that I thank you. But I must ask for one thing more. I wish to discover if my child survived. Even the smallest trace will set my mind at ease. Send your men, your scouts, anyone who will go!

Bhelen thinks I am mad. He says that if word spreads of my wish, our House will be undone. He doesn't know that Aeducan is already lost. I destroyed us when I sacrificed what was most precious. Please, Pyral, help me. I come to you not as a king, but as a father.

--A note from the late King Endrin Aeducan.

If the Warden is a noble dwarf...
Perhaps you will burn this letter unread. For that, I would not blame you. But I would not return to the Stone without saying this to you: I have seen what Bhelen is. And when I saw it, I knew I had been a fool. For only a fool would cut out his own heart and burn it for the sake of appearances. I never believed in your guilt. I allowed you to be exiled because I feared an inquiry into Trian's murder would taint our house with scandal in the eyes of the deshyrs and cost our family the throne.

But I have saved nothing by this sacrifice: I sent my only child into an uncertain exile. Know that whatever you do now, you bear all the honor and pride of House Aeducan.

--A note from the late King Endrin Aeducan.

A Note from the Honnleath Village Council

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Mistress Matilda,

The council has unanimously agreed to put you in charge of the decorations for Honnleath's upcoming harvest festival. We all adored what you did with the village for the winter solstice. As usual, the statue must be adorned with items that capture the essence of the season. Iris kindly offered the use of her wide-brimmed straw hat with the berries and daisies and would love to see it on the statue. Farmer Goodman will also donate some of his baby pumpkins. We think a garland of small pumpkins and ribbons draped about the statue's shoulders would be lovely.

Whatever you decide will be splendid, I'm sure, and we are all looking forward to it.

--Councilman Murray

A Note from Ser Henric

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See also: Quest: A Fallen Templar

So many of my fellow knights have been searching for the Urn. Surely one of them must have found Brother Genitivi by now. Still, until I hear that all is well, I must proceed as planned. Brother Genitivi holds the key to finding the Urn of Sacred Ashes: We always knew this, but I believe I now know where Brother Genitivi lies. I have been to his home in Denerim and found the trail, and I am amazed that other knights have not done likewise. Unless they have? No, it is best not to get caught up in thoughts of conspiracy. Ser Donall awaits my report in Lothering. I must go to him immediately and report what I have learned. Should anyone find these ramblings, all I ask is that he be informed of my fate. I pray that he complete what I cannot.

--A note from Ser Henric of Redcliffe.

A Letter from Rica

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My dearest Prince Bhelen,

You are too kind to me. I am a small and insignificant thing and I do not deserve your attention, but your willingness to tolerate my presence shows you to be a prince among men! I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful necklace you presented to me. I will cherish it always and I promise I will wear it at our next meeting. I know my gratitude means nothing to you but I must say again: Thank you. I will always be your humble and devoted servant.

--Yours truly, R.

A Carved Elven Tablet

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See also: The Elven Ritual

Four panels reproduced here appear to be part of a much larger mural.

The topmost panel shows a jug overflowing with water, standing on an altar. Three elves in robes are positioned around the altar, while a crowd of elves in warlike regalia stands just slightly apart from them.

Just below is a depiction of all the elves, those in robes and those in armor, prostrating themselves before the altar with worshipful expressions.

Third from the top is a carving which shows one of the three robed figures, a woman with an elaborate tattoo on her face, drinking from the jug on the altar while the other elves watch.

The bottom image shows the tattooed woman standing waist-deep in a pool of water. She holds the jug with water spilling out of its mouth. The armored elves bow before her.

--Describing a strange tablet.

A Tattered Shopping List

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wheat flour
fillet knife
ginger (for grandpa's flatulence)
cod liver oil
dried mushrooms
rouge (Orlesian)

Also remember to ask if more beeswax will be available soon.

--A note on crumpled paper.

Graffiti in Redcliffe's Tavern

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Don't eat the cheese.

--Scratched into the bar of Redcliffe's tavern.

A Decades-Old Letter

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I can assure you that the Circle of Magi is not a sacrilegious institution and that, indeed, we operate under the supervision of the Chantry. It would make our investigation of your husband's death much easier if you would simply co-operate with us. I am disappointed to hear that you sold the golem's activation rod--I understand both it and your husband were of invaluable aid to King Maric during the war against Orlais. Without the rod, we cannot discern whether Wilhelm's golem was responsible for his murder. The golem will simply have to remain where it is unless the villagers can find a means to destroy it. Our condolences to you and your son for your loss. I imagine it is of little consolation to you, but your husband is much admired here and will be missed.

Maker keep you.

--First Enchanter Arlen

A Letter From Bann Mathuin Wulff

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See also: Character: Sophia Dryden


Arl Ruahn and his entire family have been slaughtered, even the children. The Ruahn line is no more and the arling belongs to the crown, for now. Arland believed Ruahn was plotting against him. Ruahn criticized the king's spending on Wintersend--that is all. It was an idle word, spoken out of turn. The king goes too far. His brain is filled with madness and he clings to the crown like a drowning man clutches at a straw.

Sophia, I beg you, help us. If nothing is done, more will suffer.

Your humble servant,

Avernus's Notes

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See also: Character: Avernus

The taint allows us to sense the darkspawn. The longer we survive with the taint in our blood, the more potent it becomes. Unfortunately, this corruption will eventually overwhelm the Warden; over time, it devours both mind and body, leaving nothing. But what if the spread of the corruption could be stopped, or contained in some way? What if the Warden could become more powerful, without having that power kill him? How great would that power be? Would it be enough to stop the demons?

The Joining ritual is crude. We take into ourself the blood of the darkspawn in the most obvious way. Most die from the corruption immediately; it is, after all, poison. There must be some way to refine the Joining. Isolate the true power that is found in darkspawn blood, and leave behind the evil that kills us.

I can feel the corruption starting to take its toll on my body. I must not succumb. There is too much work to be done. Through my magic I've been able to slow its inevitable spread, but not stop it completely. I am starting to hear things, even while awake: A voice--more beautiful than any other--that calls to me from the depths. In my dreams, I see the Black City, and I am drawn towards it. There is something there, an answer to what this taint is, this taint that we share with the darkspawn...

--From the notes of Avernus.

A Plea from Commander Athlar

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Soldier's Peak is more than we bargained for. There is sinister magic at work here. The men are seeing things and cannot tell nightmares from reality. The fallen return to life to attack again and again, and we are assaulted by dark creatures the likes of which I have never seen. Whoever is responsible is intent on destroying us all--the king's army and the Grey Wardens both.

Send help! We cannot last much longer.

--Commander Athlar.

Load Limit Reached - A confusing note

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See also: Easter Eggs: Mass Effect series

"Mass will have an effect," he says.
As long as it lifts us out, I figure.
Should have specified "within my lifetime."
"Gives us time to talk", he says.
"How's a dwarf get named Shepard?"
Up yer shaft.
"No really, because blah, blah, blah."
Axe answers, but I still hear him.
Drip... ground.
Drip... ground.
Worse than his talking.
Think I'll drop out for some air.

Excerpt: Dwarven Verse in One Volume
Selection: Load Limit Reached
Anonymous scratching recovered from a cage hoist... eventually.

The Black Vials

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See also: Quest: The Black Vials

Binding the First Corpse Walker
Let the dead no longer serve your whim.
Bound by your true name, no mortal hand shall reach you.
Cale Viazagat, revenant and perversion of an only son.
Death beyond death is no longer your stepping stone through the Veil.
Andraste hold you, demon, and bind your rage for eternity.
(Six thumbprints in blood mark the end of the text.)

Binding the Second Corpse Walker
Cast from your host, may you find no purchase on mortal ground.
Bound by your true name, as we are sworn to do.
Nethamas Bigal, revenant and perversion of a fine daughter.
No more will you test the Veil, nor reach the Fade to escape.
Andraste hold you, demon, and bind your rage for eternity.
(Six thumbprints in blood mark the end of the text.)

Binding the Third Corpse Walker
This realm denies you, abomination, for taking our dearest.
We are united against your kind, and bind you by your true name.
Argruth Massaad, revenant and perversion of a treasured mother.
No more shall fall; no more shall need to stand.
Andraste hold you, demon, and bind your rage for eternity.
(Six thumbprints in blood mark the end of the text.)

Binding the Fourth Corpse Walker
You deny our dead their rest, and so you also will be hounded.
Let the strength of our union bind you by your true name.
Quametha Kagat, revenant and perversion of an honored father.
Though no spirit cage will undo what was suffered.
Andraste hold you, demon, and bind your rage for eternity.
(Six thumbprints in blood mark the end of the text.)

Binding the Fifth Corpse Walker
We condemn both spirit and host for inviting the walker.
With solemn hearts we bind you by your true name.
Shamas Goodson, revenant and perversion of a rare friendship.
Regret holds more pain than burying the dead.
Andraste forgive you, brother, and bind your weakness for eternity.
(Five thumbprints in blood mark the end of the text.)

Binding the Sixth Corpse Walker
United we purge this realm of your corruption.
The smallest among us binds you by your true name.
Anton Wither, revenant and perversion of a friend not met.
Your strength and guile denied by innocence.
Andraste hold you, demon, and bind your rage for eternity.
(Six thumbprints in blood mark the end of the text. One is small, as though made by a child.)

Correspondence Interruptus

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See also: Quest: Correspondence Interruptus

A collection of embarrassing personal communications between the spoiled wealthy and their objects of obsession.


My darling Reginald,

I burn for you and because of you. Please use the enclosed tincture if our love is to endure.



To Wareth Lowstone,

Age, race, height. I care not for the differences others perceive. But matching your helmet to my tunic for the amusement of standing in line with your new "Silent Sisters" invite attention to where none was desired. I will not suffer your company again.

--Alison Highover

(Scribbled below)
Gonna miss knocking heads with those girls.


A delicate matter,

While I am overwhelmed at the prospect of having you, an unwelcome guest requires that you excuse yourself by the postern of my estate to avoid a mark upon our reputations.



Miss Ambrose,

A long, slow grind, the motion careful, aided by generous application of oils. Size is no concern with my equipment, and I am always mindful when stuffing, not risking a burst before every order is fulfilled. My meat goes hand in hand with satisfaction.

Your interest astounds, but it is not my to question a customer's choice in nighttime reading. Three pound sausage again next week? No cheek, of course.


--Biller's Butchers



When next we meet, I would find it agreeable for you to leave your hat on. And mayhap your boots as well. And trousers. Shirt too. And I shall facilitate said clothed status by locking my door and posting a guard. Duly warned?



My elfroot,

The herbalist suggested powdered bronto horn. I was very discrete.

--Your sunflower


On pain of death, you are
Now warned! My father found
The letters you previously
Sent, and is watching as I write
To tell you our relations are
Over! We must remain chaste.



You are filthy! A beast! Such depravity I have never been forced to suffer! How words are so laden when they leave your lips they are beyond decent imagining!

Madam, I love you.

--Ser Augold


My dearest Virginia Trueroyal,

Regarding: Bodice ripped
Enclosed are seven silver and my most heartfelt apologies for said bodice. I would blame the cold ocean spray, the loss of my favorite shirt, the bucking of the stallion, or perhaps the strain of maintaining all such elements while sitting for a portrait, but I was certainly not myself. I hope you will forgive me and not take it upon yourself to find your own determined way in this world.

--Ser Rival Grouseman


Dear Ser Jon,

Your ministrations, while well intentioned, hold no promise. Do not despair, for it is not you, it is of me. I require and interval to acquaint myself with the personage you awakened. I'm certain we can maintain an amiable accord and the engagements with our mutual associations will not be awkward.



To one's paramour,

When last we embraced, one noticed the redolence of another's company, but one was unmindful.

--His Most Eminent Ser Fether Hapsmith Osvald III


My love,

I long to dance you beneath the moonlight, our hearts beating like the paired wings of a dove, in concert with the glory of the Maker and the beauty of the world that we must shepherd in his absence. Join me in a purity that will last the ages, when the brothers mark the Chant of Light anew.

With all my soul,
--Erec Denolven

(Scribbled below in a delicate hand)
Otter's pocket! He's earned it tonight!

Circles Within Circles

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See also: Fraternities of Enchanters

Arguments between the various fraternities have become more frequent and heated. I have alerted the College of Magi in Cumberland that this needs to be addressed in coming debates, but I fear relations with the Chantry may distract them. I am confident that I can appease the Aequitarians and Loyalists, but the Libertarians are proving divisive. Are the Isolationists even interested in speaking?

The threat of Blight has actually served some good in unifying us under a common cause, but it does not bode well that any given table in the Great Hall is likely to be ideologically weighted against its neighbor. We can be such a moody bunch staring over our tea.

--Excerpt from First Enchanter Irving's notes on unity

Desire and Need

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See also: Quest: Broken Circle

Notice of Censure

Templar Drass, your remarks in front of the recruits are only the latest in a series of troubling events. I am beginning to suspect that you may not be suited to the devotional requirements of training. Perhaps it is time for a personal evaluation of your career path within the templars. I will schedule some time after the current deployment to discuss options elsewhere in the organization.

--Attendant Cerand, assistant to Knight-Commander Greagoir

(A note is scribbled in the corner.)
"Attendant who? Options? Code for dead-end duty on a hedge-mage hunt in the Bannorn."

The Notes of Arl Foreshadow

Main article: Codex entry: The Notes of Arl Foreshadow
See also: Quest: Summoning Sciences

Books to pursue for future endeavors:

Lost Countenance: Ferelden to Orlesian Phrase Book
-Must not offend the potential landlords

Raising Spirits: Offspring and the Fade
-Terrible twos indeed!

Forest Fall: Truth and Legend in the Search for Arlathan
-Survivors? Poppycock!

The Origin of Theses: Knowing More than Everyone without Looking Like a Jackass
-Never get the time to read this. Maybe there's a stage play?

Irving's Mistake

Main article: Codex entry: Irving's Mistake
See also: Character: First Enchanter Irving, Character: Uldred

I followed another apprentice through supposed secret maneuvers today, and exposed her tendency towards blood magic. The environment of the tower is such that certain modes of thought are encouraged, both for good and ill. The students think we toy with them. The truth is far more intricate and directed. Deviant traits must be exposed early, or the whole of the Circle suffers.

Uldred has been very helpful in identifying the markers to look for. His skills at misdirection are admirable. I daresay that the apprentices would be shocked at his ability to manipulate them. I must organize a retreat such that the other enchanters can benefit from his skills.

--Excerpt from the journal of First Enchanter Irving

Promises of Pride

Main article: Codex entry: Promises of Pride

Uldred will show us the way. Finally, recognition within the Circle and freedom from the scornful eye of the templars. We will not be shunned. Be ready.
--Enchanter Gravid, Libertarian

The time is drawing near. Uldred has brought his intentions to light and a confrontation is all but inevitable. We will separate or walk with our brothers, but we will be free.
--Enchanter Boson, Libertarian

If blood must be shed and used, so be it. I will follow when he calls. The yoke must be released, whatever the cost.
--Enchanter Prist, Libertarian

I have spoken to him directly. His intentions are that we will demand the templars withdraw. I don't know that I am willing to follow, but I will be present to hear his argument.
--Enchanter Fonst, Aequitarian

Madness! I doubt blood will be of use to you if it is flowing down the tower steps. Step away from this folly, before it consumes us all.
--Enchanter Luvan, Loyalist

The call is made. We will stride out of here with pride in our step, regardless of outcome. This is for the good of the circle. Uldred will see to it.
--Libertarian Rhonus

Extracurricular Studies

Main article: Codex entry: Extracurricular Studies

Pile of Rubble in first area after ascending to this level: I have the utmost sympathy for what happened to your charge, but it is beyond the Cicle's ability to anticipate every obscure demise that an apprentice might face, especially involving methods outside the already extensive realm of magical study. We simply don't have the room for additional training facilities, and there are concerns about becoming too inclusive that I will not elaborate on. Your request is denied.

--First Enchanter Sinclair

Pile of Books in next room after escaping from the Fade: If space is your excuse, I will surrender my quarters. If it is about money, I will hire the appropriate people. I will not graduate another student ignorant of weapons that any ditch-digger can shove into his ribs. We teach them to append ridiculous glamours on parade arms, but they don't know simple steel. That is criminal.

--Enchanter Bergin

Pile of Books in room with Blood Mage and Charmed Templars: Notice herewith that the exercise area on the fourth floor shall serve as permanent berthing for the templar garrison stationed at the tower. Since facilities that accommodate their particular training requirements are already on hand, they will be assuming an even closer watch over Circle affairs. Enchanter Bergin's optional weapons training is canceled until further notice. Enchanter Bergin has additionally stepped down from teaching duties.

--First Enchanter Sinclair

Feastday Gifts - Credits

Main article: Codex entry: Feastday Gifts - Credits

Senior Leadership Producer - Fernando Melo

Lead Designer/Lead Writer - Rob Bartel

Quality Assurance Lead - Jason Leong

Project Manager- Adriana Lopez (Excerpt)

Feastday Pranks - Credits

Main article: Codex entry: Feastday Pranks - Credits

Senior Leadership Producer - Fernando Melo

Lead Designer/Lead Writer - Rob Bartel

Quality Assurance Lead - Jason Leong

Project Manager- Adriana Lopez (Excerpt)

Cailan's Documents - Page 2 of 3

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Your Majesty,

My men will arrive as soon as possible to bolster your forces. Maker willing, this Blight will be ended before it has begun.

Cailan, I beseech you, as your uncle, not to join the Grey Wardens on the Field. You cannot afford to take this risk. Ferelden cannot afford it. Let me remind you again that you do not have an heir. Your death--and it pains me even to think of it--would plunge Ferelden into chaos.

And yes, perhaps when this is over you will allow me to bring up the subject of your heir. While a son from both the Theirin and Mac Tir lines would unite Ferelden like no other, we must accept that perhaps this can never be. The queen approaches her thirtieth year and her ability to give you a child lessens with each passing month. I submit to you again that it might be time to put Anora aside. We parted harshly the last time I spoke of this, but it has been a full year since then and nothing has changed.

Please, nephew, consider my words, and Andraste's grace be with you.

--A letter from Arl Eamon to King Cailan

Cailan's Documents - Page 1 of 3

Main article: Codex entry: Cailan's Documents - Page 1 of 3

To his Majesty, King Cailan of Ferelden:

My Warden-Commander assures me that we face a Blight. This thing threatens us both, and we must work together to fight it, lest it devour all. Our two nations have not had a happy history, but that is all it is--history. It is the future that is at stake now. Let us put aside our fathers' disagreements so that we may secure the future for both our countries.

My Chevaliers stand ready and will accompany the Grey Wardens of Orlais to Ferelden. At your word the might of Orlais will march to reinforce the Ferelden forces.

Empress Celene I

-- An official letter from Empress Celene I of Orlais to King Cailan of Ferelden.

Return to Ostagar - Credits

Main article: Codex entry: Return to Ostagar - Credits

Alistair - Steve Valentine
Elric Maraigne - John Ullyatt
Loghain - Simon Templeman
Wynne - Susan Boyd Joyce


Seneschal Garevel's Missive - A letter from Vigil's Keep

Main article: Codex entry: Seneschal Garevel's Missive


We recently received a message from one Jerrik Dace of Orzammar. He requires your aid locating an expedition lost in a place called "Amgarrak", somewhere in the Deep Roads. I have enclosed the letter.

Your faithful servant, Seneschal Garevel"

Ancient Writings

Main article: Codex entry: Ancient Writings
See also: Codex entry: Darion's Journal

A note scribbled on old, moldy parchment
"Very little remains of Caridin's writings. The memories say the Paragon destroyed much of his own research. What madness would drive him to do such a thing? King Valtor preserved what he could; thanks to him we have something to work from. Nereda, my mage colleague, believes lyrium is the key."

A note scribbled on old, moldy parchment
"I have ordered more iron from the Miner's Guild. The shaft-rats will deny this request, citing our "waste" of good iron, but I've prepared for this eventuality. I've come up with an alternative: the casteless. No-one will miss them, and it's far better for them to die in the service of this great experiment than to continue living their worthless lives. Nereda seems reluctant, but she is from the surface and doesn't understand. No matter, she wants the research to continue as much as I do, and will eventually come around."

A note scribbled on old, moldy parchment
"A breakthrough! Nereda bound a Fade spirit to a construct of flesh and bone, and it moved! We'll have something concrete to show to the nobles and the Shaperate, once we put it back together. Someone must have overlooked a missing seam. When the construct came alive, the head tore itself from the body, and... scrambled off. Nereda says it's nothing to worry about. She's out looking for it now. In fact, that scratching at my door is probably her."

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