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Coalan is the blacksmith of the Fereldan village of Vintiver in the Southron Hills. He is generally regarded as an upstanding member of the community but is known to have a bit of a temper.[1]


Coalan was born and raised in Vintiver. He learned the blacksmith trade there, and eventually takes over the villages smithy and forge. During the Harvest Festival Coalan, along with some other locals take offence at the way a Dalish hunter, Harralan looks at one of the local girls. The two get into an argument but it is broken up by the village warden, Tarl Dale before it could get violent.[2]


After the Player Characters have brought a wounded Dalish Elf back to the village rumors spread quickly that the elf is some part of a Dalish plot to harm the village. Coalan leads an angry mob to where the elf is staying demanding justice, though it is apparent the mobs true intentions are to execute the elf. After the mob is talked down he leaves angry.

He may later appear to ambush the players with a mob in an attempt to have them stay out of the villages business, though he will not kill the party if he wins the fight.

Later when the village is attacked by the abomination Mythallen, if Coalan is still alive he will assist in defending the village from Mythallen's forces. The player characters arrive to see him engaged in combat with Mythallen himself though he is quickly struck down though the player has the ability to save him if they are quick.

If the survives the events of the campaign he will thank the players and offer them his skills as a blacksmith.


Coalan is said to have Light Leather armor and a Maul in his inventory.[3]

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