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Claudio Valisti (born 9:08 Dragon) is a Merchant Prince of Antiva and the Third Talon of the Antivan Crows. Prince Claudio was a business partner of Isabela's deceased husband, Luis.

Background Edit

Claudio Valisti was born in 9:08 Dragon to the Valisti dynasty, a family of merchant princes operating out of Treviso. They have been enmeshed in the business of the Antivan Crows since their family's founder, Princess Liviana (an actual princess as opposed to a merchant), had joined the Antivan Crows and risen to become First Talon. She had later married into the then-floundering Avastana merchant house.

Claudio took over as head of the family in 9:34 Dragon following his father's death. The Valistis fortune had sharply fallen since Livia's day thanks to mismanagement but Claudio quickly restored the family from Eighth to Sixth Talon, and was on his way to even greater heights. By 9:40, Claudio had reached the rank of Third Talon.[1]

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

In 9:28 Dragon, he was involved in a bargain with Eoman Arainai, then head of House Arainai, to eliminate the assassin Rinna, a royal bastard of Prince Estefan. A cult called the Rosso Noche (Red Night) supported her as a true heir to King Natale which hindered House Valisti's own aim for the throne. Eoman manipulated Zevran and Taliesen into killing Rinna in exchange for House Arainai ascending to Eighth Talon where once they had been mere cuchillos (knives).[2]

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning that Alistair is king of Ferelden in the comic's story.

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Dragon Age: The Silent Grove.

Claudio ambushes King Alistair of Ferelden, Isabela and Varric Tethras after they break into the Archive of the Crows and unwittingly set off the alarm. Before he attacks, he realizes who Alistair is, and the two appear to be acquainted. Alistair says that he had to know the information was correct. Claudio asks whether Alistair is convinced now and mentions a Crow-run prison called Velabanchel. Alistair responds positively. Claudio lets Alistair and his companions go, but warns that he can't aid Alistair further. It is later revealed that Alistair was looking for King Maric. Zevran put Alistair in touch with Claudio, and Claudio sent Alistair evidence that Maric had been captured by the Crows.

When they leave the Tellari swamps, the trio are attacked by Claudio and his troops. Claudio explains that he is not on Crow business; his master wants Alistair. Alistair surrenders, on the condition that Isabela and Varric are allowed to go free. Claudio complies, dragging Alistair away.

Claudio Isabela Fight

Claudio duels Isabela

He converses with a bound Alistair in his camp and prepares to reveal the identity of his patron--the one who ordered Alistair's abduction--as well as the fate of Maric Theirin. Before he can finish, Varric and Isabela storm his camp, killing his men. Isabela engages Claudio in a duel, and the two argue over Isabela's late husband, Luis. Claudio bests Isabela, and prepares to kill her, but she cuts off his sword hand, slits his throat and stabs him in the heart before he can finish her.

Yavana arrives and summons the spirit of Claudio back into his body. She says that he is dead and demands that he tells her the name of his master, or she will bind his spirit to his rotting body and let the worms eat his essence along with his flesh, protecting only enough of his soul to keep him aware. His body rapidly decays, and he reveals that his master was Aurelian Titus before there is nothing left of him but a skull, bones and a handful of dust.

References Edit

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