For specializations in Dragon Age: Origins, see Specializations (Origins).

Specializations are sub-class choices that further define and customize characters in Dragon Age II.


Templar DA2 Templar The strong arm of the Chantry, templars serve as guardians of the Circles of Magi, hunters of apostates and maleficarum, and rarely, as a standing army at the command of the Divine. Through ingestion of carefully prepared lyrium, templars gain resistance to magic, including the ability to interrupt spells. Though the Chantry controls the lyrium trade, those with the right connections can acquire enough to emulate the abilities of these vigilant warriors.

+10% damage vs. spellcasters and Fade creatures
Reaver-(Dragon-Age-II) Reaver A true reaver has tasted the ritually prepared blood of a dragon. It is more than a state of mind. These fearsome warriors revel in death, regaining energy from the suffering of their foes.

+5% physical damage
+5% fire damage
+5% cold damage
+5% electricity damage
+5% nature damage
+5% spirit damage
Berserker DA2 Berserker The dwarven Culture is in decline, and many dwarves have turned to the surface, bringing their customs and battle traditions with them. Anger is only part of being a berserker. Anyone can fly into a rage, but only a berserker can channel that anger into brutal hits that cleave through armor, flesh, and bone.

+10 stamina regeneration rate


Rogue assassin Assassin Anyone can kill for money, but those who follow the Antivan traditions know how to do so with style. While every assassin is different, some favoring up close and personal kills and others striking at range, they are all deadly predators and skilled at exploiting their foe's weaknesses. There are a surprisingly large number of assassins at work in Kirkwall, though most are away on contract at any given time.

+10% critical damage
Rogue duelist Duelist Duelists specialize in calling out single opponents and eliminating them, quickly. While the art of dueling is less popular in Kirkwall than the more-refined cities of Orlais, there are still plenty of trainers who can teach rogues they deem sufficiently quick of wit. The rogue's preferred weapon, be it blade or bow, has little consequence on this tree. A distracted and enraged foe is an easy target at any range.

+5% critical chance
Rogue shadow Shadow Shadow rogues employ misdirection and an unassuming façade to waylay their opponents with devastating attacks. As a smuggling hub, Kirkwall has more than a few practitioners of these techniques who will pass down their secrets to those they deem sufficiently skilled.

+3% stealth chance when Hawke takes damage


ForceMageIconDA2 Force Mage Force mages are a fearsome sight on the battlefield, bending the laws of nature to crush, toss, and debilitate their foes. Kirkwall's Circle houses a higher-than-usual percentage of mages who excel at this specialization, and their combined research has refined the school considerably.

125% physical force
125% elemental force
BloodMage-Icon-DA2 Blood Mage Known as "maleficarum," blood mages are feared not only for the incredible power of their spells, but also their ability to control minds. Templars hunt blood mages relentlessly, yet despite their efforts, Kirkwall sees more instances of blood magic with each passing year. Some whisper that the Order's relentless hunt has driven good intentioned apostates to blood magic in their desperation to survive and keep their freedom.

+25 health
Spirit Healer DA2 Spirit Healer Few mages are watched more closely by the templars than spirit healers. For all the good they can do, their consorting with any denizen of the demon-infested Fade is a matter of intense suspicion. Still, the benefits outweigh the risks, if only just.

+25 mana

Companion specific

Swashbuckler Swashbuckler, specific to Isabela.
Guardian DA2 Guardian, specific to Aveline.
Marksman Marksman, specific to Varric.
Tevinter Fugitive Tevinter Fugitive, specific to Fenris.
Vengeance Vengeance, specific to Anders.
Dalish Pariah Dalish Pariah, specific to Merrill.
Royal Archer Royal Archer, specific to Sebastian.

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