For the character from Dragon Age II, see Clara (Dragon Age II).

Clara is a refugee taking sanctuary in Watcher's Reach in the Emerald Graves.


Clara is an Orlesian farmer who was forced to abandon her fields due to the War of the Lions. Like many displaced by the war, Clara sought asylum in the Dales but found fierce opposition at the hands of The Freemen of the Dales, a group of deserters attempting to establish an independent state in the Dales. Soon Clara like numerous other refugees came under the protection of Fairbanks, a mysterious local, and came to reside in Watcher's Reach.


Clara can be found wandering around the refugee camp, and will give the Inquisitor information about Fairbanks and the refugee's plight if conversed with.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the Inquisitor helps Fairbanks eliminate the Freemen's presence in the Emerald Graves, Clara and the other refugees will re-locate to Argon's Lodge.

Clara will eventually become suspicious of Fairbanks' identity, believing him to be of noble heritage, and will ask the Inquisitor to look for evidence to back her suspicions up. Agreeing to her request starts the quest Noble Deeds, Noble Heart in which the Inquisitor scours the Emerald Graves for evidence. Once proof of Fairbanks' heritage is found, the Inquisitor can choose to give it to him or Clara. If the evidence is given to Fairbanks he will destroy it, and become an Inquisition agent. If the evidence is given to Clara however, she will have it delivered to the Orlesian Council of Heralds, and Fairbanks' noble status will be restored.

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