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Civil War is a location in the Bannorn accessible during Loghain's Push quest. Upon entering the area, the map is labeled Forest Outcropping.


The Warden travels to this location in order to undermine Regent Loghain's attempted takeover of the Bannorn. Assist Bann Telmen's troops in defeating their enemies.



Map of the area


  • Loghain Soldier (5) (Normal)
  • Loghain Sergeant (1) (Lieutenant)


Elfroot Elfroot


  • Concentrate fire on a single Loghain Soldier until he falls. This will cause the Bannorn Soldiers to team up against the next Loghain Soldier in the line.
  • Chain Lightning is a very useful spell on this occasion because it damages all the hostile soldiers enough to let the allies win.


  • It is not necessary to save the Bannorn Knight or the Bannorn Soldiers to successfully complete the Loghain's Push quest.
  • Each side will begin the fight attacking a single target - Soldier versus Soldier, and Knight versus Sergeant.
  • In a one-on-one fight, the Loghain Soldier and Loghain Sergeant are superior to their Bannorn counterparts.
  • Once you leave this location you cannot return.

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