The City of Amaranthine is the center of the Arling of Amaranthine on the coast of the Waking Sea. It is located north of Denerim and connected via the Pilgrim's Path.

The City of Amaranthine also attracts many pilgrims from all over Thedas. This city is where Maferath assembled his armies to invade the Tevinter Imperium and where Andraste first revealed the Chant of Light.

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Amaranthine heraldry

Outside of Ferelden, the City of Amaranthine is now synonymous with the arling herself, but before the Orlesian invasion, it was only a modest fishing village despite a deep port well-suited to commerce. At that time, few other kingdoms had any need to trade with the Fereldan "barbarians".

The city changed rapidly with the Orlesians came. They built temporary docks to accommodate ships packed with chevaliers, and for a time, Amaranthine was the capital of occupied Ferelden. The bann of Amaranthine became one of the wealthiest nobles in the kingdom, as goods like wool were leeched from the city's swollen ports.

During the liberation, the fleeing Orlesians looted the city but left it otherwise unscarred. She recovered quickly. Ironically, Amaranthine's current prosperity is the legacy of Orlesian occupation. Do not share that opinion with the locals, mind.

--From Annals of Northern Ferelden, By Brother Bedine, Chantry scholar
—From Codex entry: The Port City of Amaranthine

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Amaranthine Map DA RPG by InquisitorMinmi

Map of the area

Ico Area Map Abandoned Warehouse
Ico Area Map Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer
Ico Area Map The Crown and Lion
Ico Area Map Hubert's Den
Ico Area Map Smuggler's Cove

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Last of the Legion
Ico Quest The Righteous Path
Ico Quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh
Ico Quest Law and Order
Ico Quest Smuggler's Run
Ico Quest Ines the Botanist
Ico Quest A Brewing Conspiracy
Ico Quest The Assault on Amaranthine

Merchants' Guild Edit

Ico Quest Keep Out of Reach of Children
Ico Quest Maferath's Monuments
Ico Quest The Merchant's Goods
Ico Quest Ser Alvard's Missing Sword
Ico Quest Rumblings From Beneath

Chantry of our Lady Redeemer Edit

Ico Quest A Donation of Injury Kits
Ico Quest A Donation of Poultices
Ico Quest Out of Control
Ico Quest Preying on the Weak
Ico Quest From the Living Wood
Ico Quest Till Death Do Us Part

Companion Edit

Ico Quest Freedom for Anders
Ico Quest The Howe Family
Ico Quest Sigrun's Roguish Past
Ico Quest Justice for Kristoff

Blight Orphans Edit

Ico Quest The Blight Orphans?
Ico Quest The Scavenger Hunt
Ico Quest The Sermons of Justinia II
Ico Quest Moonshine for the Children
Ico Quest Those Sweet Orphans
Ico Quest A Present for Melisse
Ico Quest Making Amends

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Notable gifts for companions:

Plt ico bandit belt Bell Collar, source: Found among Homer's Toys under some trees to the left after entering the city
Tre ico book 1 Discarded Journal, source: Crate in the first building to the right after entering the city
Plt ico flower Potted Plant, source: standing near the Chanter's Board

Special objects Edit

Party Dialogue objects Edit

  • Marketplace handbills - Initiates dialog with Oghren, a possible Approves (+4) approval by being sensitive about the subject and ending with "I have never heard of it causing a rash." It is located by the chantry stairs.
  • Statue - Initiates dialog with Nathaniel Howe, a possible Approves (+9) approval by offering to replace the statue and ending with "It's up to you to turn that around.".
    • Also a dialog point with Justice; however, the character will not gain approval.
  • Pine tree - Initiates dialog with Anders. A female warden choosing 3, 1, 4, 1 will result in Approves (+13). A male warden choosing 3, 1, 4, 1 will result in Approves (+6). It is located near the wagon outside the gates.
  • Tree - Initiates dialog with Velanna, choosing 1, 2 (or 3) will result in approval while telling her she would have been a good keeper results in loss of approval. It is located across from the handbills above.
  • Crystal - Initiates dialog with Sigrun. It is located at Glassric's Stall.
  • Elven couple - Initiates dialog with Velanna, a possible Approves (+2) approval by telling the elves they should have chosen their words better and then "Let's leave before you start something." They are located at the first home on the right (where Till Death Do Us Part leads) upon arriving at the city.

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